PowerTray Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gratnells PowerTray?

The PowerTray is an effective way of deploying, charging, syncing and storing multiple USB devices.


What devices is PowerTray compatible with?

Tablets, Cellphones, MP3 players, Handheld Game consoles, 3D Glasses, e-readers, in fact the PowerTray can deal with pretty much anything that can be charged via a USB port.


How many devices does the PowerTray charge?

Each PowerTray is able to charge up to 10 different devices simultaneously.


How does it work?

Connect each device to the PowerTray via the USB cable and plug the power cable from the tray to the mains power and switch on. The tray will automatically take care of charging and cooling.


How long will it take for my device to charge?

Charging times depend on many different factors such as the device being charged, current battery levels and how many devices you have.


What colours are the PowerTray available in?

The PowerTray is only available in white.


Is the tray compatible with tablets with cases?

Yes, each slot is H290mm x W190mm x D21mm for the F2 tray or H290mm x W290mm x D21mm for the F25 tray.


What is the difference between the Charge and Sync and Charge?

Aesthetically both of the trays are identical however the Sync and Charge tray has the ability to synchronise the contents of multiple devices. For example Apps and Images can be simultaneously transferred to all your devices at once using a computer.


What is the difference between the F2 and the F25?

The only difference is the dimensions, the F25 is slightly taller offering a larger envelope of protection for larger devices. The external dimensions of the trays are as follows:

F2: H150 x W312 x L427

F25: H2250 x W312 x L430


Why does my Charge PowerTray have a data port?

The data port allows us to release firmware updates for the tray ensuring that even if you update or buy additional devices in the future, you’ll always be able to charge and sync them.


What is the warranty period?

The Warranty Period for Products purchased from Gratnells is 1 to 2 years from the date of purchase depending on whether your product has been registered on www.gratnells.com.

A replacement Products or parts assumed the remaining warranty of the original Product or 1 year from the date of replacement or repair, depending on whichever is longer.


How safe is the PowerTray?

The PowerTray has been approved to CB, CE and RoHS health and environmental requirements.


From time to time when I plug in devices to the PowerTray they flicker between charging and not charging, why is that?

This is completely normal the PowerTray has an integrated profile recognition system. This means the PowerTray will analyse your device and select the correct charging profile.


Is the PowerTray compatible with Apple configurator?

Yes, the PowerTray is compatible with Apple configurator.


Where is the PowerTray manufactured?

The tray is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Gratnells Ltd.


Can the PowerTray be used outdoors?

The PowerTray is not designed for outdoor use, store in a cool and dry pace away from sunlight and any liquid.


What is the purpose of the lid?

The lid is designed to keep your devices dust free and to facilitate transport while the tray is not in use.


What is the maximum operating temperature of the PowerTray?

The maximum operating temperature of the PowerTray is 30C of 86F.


How do I dispose of the PowerTray?

Through purchase of the product, the customer is taking on the obligation to deal with the WEEE in accordance with the WEEE regulations in relation to the treatment, recycling & recovery and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE.


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