About Us

At Gratnells, our history dates back to the 1800s and today we are best known for 40 years of designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced storage systems. Our storage solutions can be found all over the world; we manufacture over 3 million trays a year with one million of them exported.

In 2014 after receiving feedback from teachers and furniture manufacturers we set out on a new challenge - to use our expertise in storage to reimagine how tablets and USB devices are stored in offices and schools around the world. Our main aim was to create an innovative charging solution based on our iconic tray design, which would be compatible with millions of furniture spaces.

We applied our knowledge gained from decades of research and development in storage, with the expertise of Cambrionix, the leaders in mobile technology to produce the PowerTray, a high quality British made charging solution.

Fast forward to April 2016 and our dream is a reality, the company has launched two new products - the PowerTray and the PowerTrolley. Designed to store, charge and sync up to 30 USB devices at ultra-fast speed, keeping portable devices organised, secure and always charged and ready for use. PowerTray is the only charging solution available on the market today that already has a space in classrooms across the UK, fitting neatly into existing classroom furniture.

The PowerTray and PowerTrolley are the answer to the universal adoption of technology in the education and office environment, storage systems that are compact, lightweight and versatile while providing security and additional functionality.

In the fast-moving IT industry, Gratnells sees itself investing further in an endless pursuit to improve how we store our gadgets.


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